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Kravchenko Krafted

Californian Lodge

Californian Lodge

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Ahhh, the great outdoors. There’s nothing quite like it, but it has bugs, and dirt, and bears (oh my!). If only there was a way to mix the beauty of a forest with the convenience of a luxury hotel, oh wait, there is! Let this fragrance take you away to a place of relaxation, comfort, and feeling superior.

Scent Notes:

Oak, sandalwood, and a hint of vanilla.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Best thing you will smell, maybe ever.

I haven't been to the California Lodge, but if I get there and it doesn't smell this good, I'm going to mail Disney this candle and demand change. Please don't ever go away again, this is the only thing that keeps my house from smelling like all my kids' sports stuff, despite my best efforts.

Barbara McNeely
grounding aroma

My favorite scent in the collection. You will not be disappointed with this candle.

Dallas Mccormick
Love Californian Lodge

This candle is my absolute favorite scent! The Californian Lodge candle had my entire family asking what smells so good the first time I used it! I have purchased other magic scents from this store and they are great also, but this one just fits our home perfectly and is hands down our favorite scent! I will be purchasing Californian Lodge again and again! Side note members of our family are prone to allergies and irritation brought on from burning scented candles but these candles do not bother us in our home making me even happier with my purchase with kravchenko krafted!

Heather Straub
Absolutely wonderful

Such a comforting scent, perfectly noticeable without being overpowering, it makes my home feel so cozy and relaxing!

All around awesome candles!

I have loved every scent I ordered. Right when I opened it it has such a good and unique smell just like the rest. They really are magical! Customer service was awesome as well and I will happily continue supporting this family business!