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Gooseberry Pie

Gooseberry Pie

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Everyone has those days where they feel a little bit grumpy and lack motivation, sometimes you wish you could go back to bed and hope to wake up on the right side of the pillow, but who has the time? Instead take a deep whiff of this happy fragrance inspired by a rich aroma of warm, buttery crust and sweet berries. It will have you whistling on your way to work in no time!

Scent Notes:

A rich aroma of warm, buttery crust and sweet berries.

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Customer Reviews

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Ashley McCann
Smells like MAGIC

I’m not one for fruity candles but this is one of my favorite candles! It smells just like pie- sweet vanilla, a little hint of spices, and of course fruit. It’s a perfect blend of fragrances, potent enough to fill my whole home without being overbearing, and lasts ages! I’ve had this lit for a week for at least 4 hours a day and still have plenty left! 10/10 recommend.

David Willis

I've had Gooseberry pie many times. It's hard to pin exactly what the smell of it is other than sweet and tangy with buttery crust goodness. And this is it. Love it.

Christina Wuchina
smells so good

I love this candle it smells so good! It makes the whole house smell like pie.


This smells, honest to goodness, just like pie! You can smell the buttery crust, a hint of honey, and the sweet tang of Gooseberries! It's truly fantastic!